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Your Question:

Employing artificial intelligence, create an application to marketing which results in future buying experiences that are both more profitable to businesses and more valuable and delightful to consumers.

The Background:
Machine learning systems are being applied to everything from filtering spam emails, to suggesting the next series to binge-watch and even matching up folks looking for love. As we move forward, it’s imperative that we have the right people using the right tools to ensure that we’re using technology to society’s benefit and empowering businesses to create marketing experiences that are not only profitable but also more relevant and delightful to consumers.

The Challenge We’re Facing:
While technology surrounds us in ever-increasing aspects of our lives, we can either follow pop culture’s dystopian visions and cautionary tales in which these technologies are used to intrude and manipulate; or we can use the evolution of technology to our benefit in ways that are valuable to our everyday needs. We are quickly approaching a critical time in which we need to choose to harness the potential of evolving technologies to help businesses and consumers alike.

What We Need From You:
We’re turning to you to employ artificial intelligence to create an application to marketing that is both valuable and delightful for future buying experiences. You can entertain solutions in a wide variety of spaces, including consumer applications, social media, mobile, out-of-home and in-home technology, or anything else you can dream up that connects marketers to their audiences.

Judges will take the following criteria into consideration:
Innovation: Make sure you’re breaking new ground. Re-hashing business models (‘it’s Uber for skateboards!’) will only get you partial points.
Relevance: This is all about how your solution exploits the key areas of technology (AI, augmented realty, and the Internet of Things) to drive better marketing outcomes.
Society Benefit: Not sacrificing profit for privacy, for example.
Feasibility: Show your idea is possible, whether that be through any kind of working prototype or simply solid conceptualization work.

Meet Unbounce, a homegrown BC tech success story

Unbounce exists to empower every business to create better marketing experiences. When Unbounce launched in August 2009, landing pages were little more than a marketing buzzword. Since that time, Unbounce has pushed landing pages into the mainstream by empowering marketers to quickly build, publish & A/B test them without coding. Today, Unbounce continues to help businesses create better marketing experiences by improving what is already the world’s fastest and most customizable landing page builder – and expanding its capabilities to other conversion opportunities so that marketers can get the most out of their existing web traffic and spend across all their digital properties.

Unbounce’s Mission: To educate, connect and empower marketing teams and agencies to grow their businesses with the best conversion tools on earth.

How They Do It

A committed team of innovators, doers and storytellers has designed the Unbounce landing page platform with one thing in mind: Conversion. The goal is to empower marketing teams and agencies to create, launch and measure their campaigns without any technical bottlenecks, using cloud-based software that is both powerful and easy to use.

Unbounce’s Commitment to the STEM Spotlight Awards

Unbounce is about people, culture and innovation. We understand that listening to the ideas of future generations is key to making sure our industry evolves in the right direction. We are just beginning to understand what is possible with machine learning and artificial intelligence. As we move forward, it’s imperative that we have the right people and values to ensure that we’re empowering businesses to create marketing experiences that are not only profitable but also more relevant and delightful to consumers.

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